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party by color: aqua

July 7, 2011

We’re sure your little one would be thrilled to have his/her next party planned around the color of the sea. It’s gender neutral and the perfect way to cool down these warm summer days. [Images: macaroons, stuffed owls, bow tie, crepe paper number, balloon cupcakes, cake] post from guest contributor Danyelle


rainbow bright

June 30, 2011

Here’s another party that reaffirms our love for rainbow details. Annie took these simple decoration ideas and kicked them up a notch by injecting color. Aren’t those hanging origami cubes genius? See all the details of the party on Annie’s blog.


summer party package

June 22, 2011

I really love putting together fun packages for friends mostly because I love receiving fun things in the mail and I hope other people do too. This is the contents of my most recent package that I put together with an ice cream party theme. I included mini invitations, ice cream toppings, cups, scoops, a [...]


a sparkle party

June 15, 2011

Any girl knows you can’t go wrong by adding a little sparkle. That’s why we can’t help but love this party dedicated to just that, sparkle. The metallic pinata and sparkler cake toppers are the type of details we’d like to see at every party. [images: Belinda Graham]


boating party

June 6, 2011

Its time to get outside and enjoy all the goodness that summer brings!  Wouldn’t a fishing / boating party of sort be fun?  There are so many things you could do.  Here are a few ideas to start. Image sources and for tutorials, click on each of the links: Fishing game Paper boats Homemade goldfish [...]