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March 28, 2011

We love photo booths!  They’re fun for everyone – big and little.  And they can be super easy (or if you choose, elaborate) to set up.  Here are a few of our tips and key elements.

A designated area for the photo booth, a simple backdrop, fun signage and of course cute kids like Shim + Sons!

And if you want to make it extra easy, there are great shops like this Etsy shop, Little Retreats, where you can purchase fun props.

And there you have it – a fun and festive activity that also documents your special day!

[image 1 from Shim + Sons; image 2 via here + photography by Catherine Clay], image 3 via Little Retreats]


Sukhi on March 28, 2011:

there are no words for how stinkin’ cute this is! i am sure it would be a huge hit, huge and my kiddos would LOVE this!

Lindy on March 28, 2011:

So cute! I love photobooths!

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth on March 28, 2011:

I love, love this idea! My daughter has a summer birthday and this would be so fun to try!

kate on March 28, 2011:

I totally want to set one up for my daughter’s 7th birthday this summer, but I’m at a loss for how to do the camera part without having somebody sit and do it the whole time? Any ideas or tutorials for setting up a DIY photobooth?

Hip Hip Hooray on March 29, 2011:

good question, kate!
you could do a few things … put a simple point-and-shoot camera on a table and parents take photos as needed. or you can set-up an easy tripod. for either, maybe a sign to let people know to take photos as they like?

OR you can have a designated 30 minutes for the photob ooth and one person take all the photos.

hope that helps and good luck!

Hip Hip Hooray on March 29, 2011:

yay! good luck and let us know how it goes! :)

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Joemel on November 6, 2012:

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