parties from the bookshelf: gallop!

October 6, 2010

Melanie is back with a new Parties from the Bookshelf post — and we think this is such a fantastic idea from Rufus Seder’s Gallop!    The use of scanimation in this is memorizing for adults and kids alike!

By combining the inspiration of the rainbow striped binding and black and white animations, you can create a bold and fun party.  A colorful soda bar and shaved ice would delight the children while you keep them entertained with a scanimation show created from cut-out animal silhouettes.   The kids could even imitate the motion of each animal which would mostly likely turn into a loud zoo in your living room!

rainbow tablecloth, shaved ice, black and white invitation, shadow puppets, paper lanterns, soda bar, tablescape, cupcake liners

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