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July 14, 2010

Here at Hip Hip Hooray! we love taking a common party supply and giving it a creative spin or give it that personal touch by making it yourself.  So when we came across this super cute fringe hat tutorial we knew we had to share!  See below for detailed instructions.

Michele of Cakewalk created this DIY (originally posted on Birthday Girl) and kindly allowed us to share the instructions here.

Materials needed:
12 X 12 scrapbook paper – 1 sheet per hat
1 cone hat for reference
1 roll crepe paper
Double-sided tape
Elastic cord

Tools needed:
Pencil Scissors
Sewing machine

Trace outline of pre-made hat scrapbook hat and cut out.
Apply double sided tape to one short edge of the hat and fold to create cone.
Cut strip of elastic cord for chin strap and tape on the inside of the hat.
To create fringe: cut 3 -15” strips of crepe paper.
Layer them and sew a seam down the middle.
Fold crepe paper in half and cut to create fringe – being careful to not cut the seam.
Apply double sided tape to the bottom of the hat and attach fringe.
Apply hat to child and voila, it party time!

[photography by: sherry heck]


Camille @ STYLE NOTES on July 14, 2010:

These are sooo darling…Since I don’t have kids yet, I may just have to break these out for my next adult birthday party!

pawan on July 14, 2010:

These are fabulous! I love the beautiful handmade quality to them. Only problem is, I bet you’d have some adults clamoring for some wear-time too:)

Danielle from A Few of My Favorite Things on July 14, 2010:

Absolutely adorable!

cari on July 14, 2010:

LOVE those! So sweet.

Michele W on July 14, 2010:

Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I’m so thrilled to be featured!

Tessa on July 14, 2010:

Just found your blog. Incredible. I was so excited I wrote a post about you on my blog tonight. Didn’t even think to ask permission to use your images. I hope you don’t mind. If so I will gladly take them down. I’m so excited to see what you post in the future. Wonderful!!

jenn from muchtomydelight on July 14, 2010:

Your blog makes me want to have kids just so I can throw a cute party:)

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