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July 28, 2010

Thank you again, Lisa, for sharing yesterday’s Real Party! Lisa was also kind enough to share a instructions and a down loadable template for the treasure hunt.

The treasure map was created to help the kids uncover jewels, gems and treasures that were positioned throughout the park. We visited the site weeks before and sketched out a dummy map that plotted out the trees, fence lines, baseball diamond and any other landmarks. From this rough sketch, the map was designed on the computer but it could be easily be hand-drawn and colored for a more authentic look.

As an added twist, there were six versions of the map created with different legends (numbers 1-6 were rotated for the versions). The kids received the map tucked into a velvet pouch (to hold the treasures), were given instructions on how to read a legend, and directed to follow their own maps instead of each other.


- Lisa found the gems, river rocks, nuggets, necklaces and diamonds at her local Joann’s.

- Play coins were found here.

- Velvet bags were found here.

And here is a template for download of the treasure map.


Tasha on August 2, 2010:

I thought my treasure hunt was clever but this one beats it out of the park! I’m totally going to do this for our next family reunion! Mine’s here: http://diyingtobedomestic.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/treasure-hunt/

DIY Treasuer Maps on August 5, 2010:

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